J.L. Watkins

J.L. Watkins is an author that writes in many genres. Her biggest passion is for telling tales of romance, eroticism, and relationship. She enjoys weaving erotic images around stories of connection and longing.

When setting out to relay a new tale, her only goal is to accurately and completely translate the adventures her characters whisper in her ear so her readers can truly experience a journey like no other.

Unexpected: Signed & Sealed

Signed & Sealed Book Cover

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Jasmine arrives at Clyde’s door, expected but unexpected. A business meeting that should be simple and sweet. Yet, the connection buzzing between them is almost palpable.

Jasmine has a feeling she can’t deny. Clyde has an urge he can’t ignore. The question isn’t if they’ll give in, it’s when. It’s how.

A short, but spicy read about what happens when two people decide to give in to an Unexpected desire. She wants it all. He won’t deny her. You…want to watch.

Available for purchase on Amazon